3 Tips For Maintaining Your Epoxy Flooring

Both commercial and residential property owners love epoxy flooring because of its versatility and durability. But just because epoxy floors are long-lasting does not mean you shouldn't take care of them. You need to adopt a proper cleaning protocol that prevents your floors from deteriorating over time.

Luckily, epoxy floors are quite easy to clean due to their smooth finishing. What's more, its non-porous nature enables you to maintain hygienic spaces with a simple floor cleaning routine. Continue reading to discover tips for epoxy flooring maintenance.

Protect High Traffic Areas

While epoxy flooring is known for its durability, if it experiences repeated abuse, it can start to chip. That's why you should protect high traffic areas with mats and carpets. Invest in doorway protective mats and corridor carpets that ensure that despite the high traffic, your flooring doesn't experience direct abuse from people's shoes.

Proactively epoxy floor care extends its lifespan, allowing you to push back floor replacement for a couple more years. What's more, mats and other protective floor coverings limit debris transfer into your indoor spaces, which can cause gradual floor damage. If you have installed epoxy flooring in your garage, consider placing protective plywood beneath heavy equipment so that when you move them around, they don't scratch the surface of the floor.

Use Gentle Cleaning Agents

When you decide on epoxy flooring, be sure to consult with your floorer about the best cleaning agents for this flooring solution. This way, you can do your best to maintain its brand-new appearance and protect it from chemical damage.

Ideally, simply mopping your floor with hot water is sufficient to remove stains before they set in. You should stay away from harsh cleaning agents that could eat away your epoxy floor's surface and compromise its smooth finish. And don't forget to immediately wipe off harmful chemicals when they spill on the floor, as they may react with the epoxy and cause visible staining.

Routinely Sweep Away Debris

Despite having a doormat to limit the transfer of dirt into your home or place of business, people's shoes are bound to bring in some debris because they aren't 100% clean. That's why you need to routinely sweep away debris and not give it any chance to etch into your floor's surface. This is especially important for commercial spaces with high foot traffic since sweeping also maintains a clean floor.

Now that you understand how to proactively maintain an epoxy floor, you can hire professional floorers for an installation.

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Both commercial and residential property owners love epoxy flooring because of its versatility and durability. But just because epoxy floors are long-